[Glade-users] custom window widget appearing outside glade ui

I know I've seen a comment in the source code, or in someone's example,
or on a website specifically about this but I can no longer find it so
please excuse what's likely an already answered question.

I'm working on a couple widgets that derive from GtkWindow, like so:

      `-- BaseWindow
            `-- StandaloneWindow

These are written in C, and I have minimal amounts of adaptor code
written in C and a minimal amount of stuff in the catalog file.  If I
create an instance of BaseWindow in glade, it gets displayed in the main
panel of the glade UI just like you would expect.  However if I create a
StandaloneWindow, the contents of the StandaloneWindow widget get
displayed in their own separate window, and the glade UI main panel
doesn't have anything but a frame in it.

I'm using the latest gtk3 and glade3 stuff from Fedora devel to do this.
What one little stupid setting or function call am I missing?  I can
post code or screenshots if it will help.  It's just that the project as
a whole is a little large so it's difficult to post it all.

- Chris

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