[Glade-users] stock imagen & others.

On Tue, 2011-05-31 at 20:49 -0500, luis carvajal wrote:
stock images does not work on glade UI 3.8 ? am using
all-in-one-pygtk2.2.xx for win32
which install this version of glade  but it gets really buggy and
force closes really frecuently.

Missing stock images sounds like the installer is missing
'hicolor-icon-theme' directories/files.

If you have crashes/force quits with 3.8, it would be nice if you
could collect a stack trace or describe how to reproduce it and
file a bug here:

also, i want to say there is a lack of information over the whole
project page about what you
can do or not with this (who seems to be) wonderfull tool and what you
need to know before
 using glade

Put otherwise, Glade needs a user manual. There are several tutorials 
out there but we need someone to come up with a patch to our user manual
that will make it worth publishing (currently there is a user manual
built with Glade but it's just a scaffold and doesn't have any content

 so after i tried the hole pygtk + tutorial I realized that you can
directly write your
 whole application on code with gtk (using python or c++). So: ?how
does it makes it easier
 for me to create an aplication?

Easier might not be the right word, it might be much easier to write a
program with a very basic user interface without using Glade than with
(and probably much harder to maintain a hand written user interface if
you have a vast interface with lots of screens/pages and dialogs etc).

Glade/GtkBuilder let you separate your UI design from your code
development by giving you an abstraction. Generally this is better
than hand writing the interface because the interface is easier
to modify after its initially written if it's done with GtkBuilder
(not to mention, people usually enjoy that their code is not hampered
by lots of tedious handwritten code to build a user interface, ideally
you should only have to load some ui states, listen to some signals
from the ui and run your business logic).

 and i think the answer is "you just need to conect  the callbacks
 of your widgets in app code " please correct me if im wrong .

You can connect signals in Glade and use gtk_builder_connect_signals()
or such, or you can connect callbacks to objects built by GtkBuilder
manually using g_signal_connect().


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