[Glade-users] vte widget

On Sun, Mar 20, 2011 at 12:00 AM, Duane Hinnen <duanedesign at ubuntu.com> wrote:
I would like to be able to use the VTE Terminal Emulator in Glade. However
it does not seem to work. I have seen the errors I get in bug reports and
questions posted by others[1][2], so it seems to be a common issue. Nothing
I have found so far talks about a fix or workaround for this issue. Any help
would be greatly appreciated.

?These are the errors I receive.

(glade:11287): GladeUI-CRITICAL **: Unable to load module 'vte' from any
search paths

(glade:11287): GladeUI-WARNING **: Failed to load external library 'vte'

(glade:11287): GladeUI-WARNING **: We could not find the symbol

(glade:11287): GladeUI-WARNING **: Could not get the type from "VteTerminal"

(glade:11287): GladeUI-WARNING **: Failed to load the GType for

(glade:11287): GladeUI-WARNING **: Tried to include undefined widget class
'VteTerminal' in a widget group

Judging by the warning messages that say 'glade' and not 'glade-3', you are
using git master or unstable 3.9.

Which means your libs and catalogs fall under a new install prefix, and also
means you need the libvte for GTK+ 3.x

Do you have a vte for GTK+3 ? is it indicated correctly in the vte catalog
file you're using ?


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