[Glade-users] stock imagen & others.

stock images does not work on glade UI 3.8 ? am using all-in-one-pygtk2.2.xx
for win32
which install this version of glade  but it gets really buggy and force
closes really frecuently.

also, i want to say there is a lack of information over the whole project
page about what you
can do or not with this (who seems to be) wonderfull tool and what you need
to know before
 using glade so after i tried the hole pygtk + tutorial I realized that you
can directly write your
 whole application on code with gtk (using python or c++). So: ?how does it
makes it easier
 for me to create an aplication? and i think the answer is "you just need to
conect  the callbacks
 of your widgets in app code " please correct me if im wrong .
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