[Glade-users] stock imagen & others.

please allow me to thank you , i'll  implement the direct  system  pref

But then if i create a package  , a .exe  with py2exe or  any other would
that be working for a final user??

about unix y tools ..i did a new windows installation, installed again aio
pygtk python 2.7  and the  glade ui seams less buggy but still have some

if it helps the development of glade i am pretty much interested on  finding
the cause of the bug . maybe you can give me a guide line to catch the
assembly process  like one of you did with the depends.exe

El 08/06/2011 13:39, "Dieter Verfaillie" <dieterv at optionexplicit.be>

On 02/06/2011 02:40, luis carvajal wrote:
But remember, GTK+ no longer shows the images by defaul...
From your PyGTK program:
   s = gtk.settings_get_default()
   s.set_property("gtk-button-images", True)

But that would (if I remember correctly) force a preference on
systems where the user specified the icons should be disabled. You
can therefore, on your own system, edit

and add 'gtk-button-images = 1' to it.

to run glade ui and do any stuff you want until it crashes if you try to
save or

open a ....
Studied both and your installation seems to be OK (system dll's look
somewhat different compared to Windows XP, but nothing that could
explain the unstable behavior you see jumps out).

Guess the only thing left to try now would be to generate the backtrace
with gdb like Tristan proposed (depending on how comfortable you are
with unix-y tools, this can be non-trivial to get working on
windows), or trying to run Glade3 through ollydbg (easier to get it
working if you're not familiar with unix-y tools, but assembly level
debugging is somewhat of an acquired taste I guess) and see if you can
figure out where it crashes...

Sorry I can't be of more assistance, don't have access to a Windows 7

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