[Glade-users] Where should the .glade file go?

What is the right place in the system to put an application's .glade  
file, the application being regularly installed (i. e. not in  
development)? Sorry if this is trivial ? I have not found any definitve  
information on the web though.

On my Linux system, two apps store their glade file in  
/usr/share/app-name/app-name.glade . Is this the right place? According  
to which standard? And where should the .glade files go on non-unix  

A certain video tutorial* (the text version is off-line, unfortunately)  
demonstrates a way to embed .glade files in executable files. Is this  
* http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5-8h6eOwKwA

Any advice appreciated!

Carlos Franke
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