[Glade-users] Win32 binaries of Glade3-3.80 seems work fine... \o/\o/\o/


Quoting "Cleber N. Borges" <klebyn at yahoo.com.br>:
pygtk don't be found but I have in my system...
How to indicate pygtk in compilation?

You can simply ./configure --disable-python and be done with it or
if you really want to have "Python widgets support": the configure
script has some trouble detecting where Python lives on Windows.
You can, however, pass the required paths as environment variables.
See the build script attached to:

What many python packages I need for the compilation in winXP?

Again assuming you really want Python widgets support
you'd need Python 2.6 or 2.7 with matching py2cairo, pygobject
and pygtk versions installed.

Or you could use the PyGTK All-in-one installer. It comes with
everything you've ever dreamed of, including Glade 3.8.0 with
Python widgets support. See the announcement on PyGTK's mailing
list for more information:


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