[Glade-users] gtk.CellRendererText()

Could somebody explain to me what gtk.CellRendererText() is for and when would I need to use it? I can't find 
a good explanation on this anywhere.
I have a comboBox created in Glade and the items are assigned the values from a file. Those values are 
country codes and names, like 
AU Austria
BR Brazil
UK United Kingdom
Here is my Python code sample that displays those:
combo = wtree.get_widget('myComboboxFromGlade')
store = gtk.ListStore(str)
while infile:
   line = infile.readline()
When user picks from the combo box list, the whole item (the country code and the name) is displayed, like 
'BR Brazil'. What I need to do is when selected, only country code to appear as active. How would I acomplish 
this? I believe I would need to use that gtk.CellRendererText(), but don't know how. Seems like a standard 
procedure done all over the web. If you have an example, please let me know.
Thanks much,
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