[Glade-users] Glade and Python

Oops this one seems to have missed the list...

On Thu, Sep 9, 2010 at 3:40 AM, Arthur Shats <ashats at hotmail.com> wrote:
I was told to use Glade-2 because Glade-3 doesn't generate C code (don't
know if it's true or not). Anyway, I am using Glade-2 to create a window
with few entry fields. I set decorated property of that window to 'No', so
it doesn't display borders of the window (you would not see the toolbar with
minimize/maximize/close buttons). Then I use Gladex to generate Python code.
When I run .py, my window comes up all right, but I can not type anything
into any entry fields on the window. When I set Decortated property to Yes,
so I would see the toolbar with minimize/maximize/close buttons, I am able
to enter data into the entry fields. So, my question is why when Decorated
property is set to No, I can't type anything into the entry fields.
I don't?know if the same problem exists in Glade-3, I am using Glade-2.

Right, except I don't maintain Glade-2 and if there's a bug... it wont get fixed
(and if there's a bug in the code it generates... that wont get fixed either).

Why do you have to use generated code ? Have you looked at the GtkBuilder
apis ? (GtkBuilder is a part of GTK+ and so is also available in the python
bindings and just as easily usable as calling a create_window1() function as
I read you were doing in a previous mail).

Also... about GtkWindow:decorated property, I dont know exactly what is
the problem, its possible you ran into a bug in GTK+

I would advise you might ask about the problem in detail on
gtk-app-devel-list at gnome.org
(a list on the topic of the widget... not it's interface designer).

You might also try to reproduce the problem in a very small test case in Python
(create a non-decorated window and add an entry to it and see if its broken).

Then you could go ahead and file a bug and attach your test case...



Date: Thu, 9 Sep 2010 02:42:16 +0900
Subject: Re: [Glade-users] Glade and Python
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On Thu, Sep 9, 2010 at 1:30 AM, Arthur Shats <ashats at hotmail.com> wrote:
I have a .glade file created in Glade-2 and I am using Gladex to
Python code. All seems OK, but if in Glade I set Decorated property to
I can not type into any entry fields on my screen.?I am able to do so
with?Decorated set to Yes. Any idea how to make it work with Decorated
to 'No'?

Glade-2 is old and unmaintained, can you please explain to me what is
broken with Glade-3/GtkBuilder that makes Glade unusable for you ?



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