[Glade-users] gtkComboBoxEntry question

I created a gtkComboBoxEntry in Glade and fill in items for the box in Python. To make the list searchable I 
use EntryCompletion. All is fine so far. Now I've read that if I use set_inline_completion(True), then any 
values matching what I've typed are automatically filled into the EntryCompletion and this allows me to press 
the Tab key to confirm the completion.
I tried it, but it didn't work -- even if it finds the exact match, the text is not getting filled into the 
EntryCompletion and pressing Tab just jumps to the next field.
Here is my example code:
#here my comboBoxEntry:
state = wtree.get_widget('cmbBoxEntryState')
#create list:
store = gtk.ListStore(str)
store.append(["AK Alaska"])
store.append(["AL Alabama"])
store.append(["NC North Carolina"])
store.append(["ND North Dacota"])
store.append(["NJ New Jersey"])
store.append(["NY New York"])
#set model:
#get the entry child from the comboBoxEntry, set completion and the model:
entry = state.child
completion = gtk.EntryCompletion()
completion.set_inline_completion(True)  #this doesn't do what's expected
So, when I type 'N', I am expecting all the matches that start with 'N' to be displayed in the dropdown and 
'NC North Carolina' to be filled into my comboBox. However, I only see the matches that start with 'N' 
displayed, but nothing is filled into the box.
Any idea what I missed?
Thanks much.
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