[Glade-users] Glade 3.7.0 crashes when I modify the number of elements in a VBox

Hi Javier,


I checked out the a copy of the source last night and built from it. The problem seems to be corrected. The 
only problem is that when I add a HBox or  VBox, and set the number of items to 1, it will actually create a 
HBox or VBox with 2 items. The property inspector still shows number of items as 1. I then had to change it 
to 2 and then back to 1 to get a box with 1 item.


The above is not too much of an issue for me as long as it doesnt crash.


Cheers :)
From: jjardon at gnome.org
Date: Sun, 2 May 2010 15:08:41 +0200
Subject: Re: [Glade-users] Glade 3.7.0 crashes when I modify the number of elements in a VBox
To: abxccd at msn.com
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2010/5/2 dfg dfg <abxccd at msn.com>:
Hi everyone,

Just upgrade from Glade 3.6.7 to 3.7.0 today. Was very happy with the
upgrade as it fixes certain things like default values for adjustments and
treeviews losing their models.

I am working on a glade file that was created in 3.6.7. The problem is that
whenever I modify the number of items in a VBox, Glade would crash. I am
able to modify other properties of the Vbox and glade would not crash. In
addition, I am able to modify the number of items in a HBox without it

This seems to be fixed in master (I can't reproduce this here)
Could you update your git checkout and try again?


Javier Jard?n Cabezas
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