[Glade-users] How to access a new window

On Sat, 2010-07-03 at 15:02 +0530, Agam Dua wrote:

I want to open a new window for the 'about' button in help section.
Can someone guide me on how i can do this?

Should i use a get_object function or something to connect a new glade
file or should i just make a new window pop out in this file itself?
Pls advise. Thank you!

It can be done either way. In general you just connect a callback
function to that button's "clicked" signal and there you present the
dialog if it's already created from the main glade file, or open
separate glade file if you prefer to keep it modular.

I feel like you probably need to go through some of the tutorials from

On 6/18/10, Agam Dua <agamdua at gmail.com> wrote:

I am just learning glade. I would like to make my own function (one that is
not belonging to the GTK+ available functions) and have it be called by a
button. I have one file called "main.c" and another called "main.glade".

I tried keeping the function, let's call it "myFunction()", in the file
main.c and calling it in glade in the button properties -> signals in the
handler tab. This did not work.

Can someone pls advise on how to add my own function to be called when i
press the button? I have googled a lot to no avail.

Thanks in advance.
Agam Dua

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