[Glade-users] Mark gtk.Action strings as translatable

El 16 de enero de 2010 19:22, Tristan Van Berkom <
tristan.van.berkom at gmail.com> escribi?:

2010/1/16 Jos? F?lix Onta??n <felixonta at gmail.com>:
Hi everyone!
I've some trouble marking strings as translatable for several properties
widgets as gtk.Action or gtk.TreeViewColumn.
For the gtk.TreeViewColumn i've founded a reported bug on Glade3
The same steps to reproduce can be applied as well for
label/short-label/tooltip gtk.Action's properties in Glade-3 but no bug
reported on bugzilla.

I'm using an awful workaroud: to hardcode "translatable=yes" for every
property i want to be translated in the gtkbuilder xml saved file. But
everytime i save my changes from Glade-3 i lost this hardcoded changes.
It's there a better way to do this? I feel very comfortable managing all
Actions and ActionGroups from Glade-3.

  This is a bug and easy to fix,  to expose a property as translatable
in Glade the property must be marked: translatable="True"  in the catalog
providing the said widget, in this case its glade3/plugins/gtk+/gtk+.

See the translatable="True" annotations in the catalog in git here:

Glade has a couple of bugfixes also sleeping in the git (maybe like 3
bugfixes by now), so we could make a deal - if you patch all the missing
translations you can find for properties in Glade, I'll apply the patch
and roll out a Glade release including the fixes.


It's a deal, Tristan. I'll try to patch all the missing translation i've in
mind. May i open a bug on Glade-3 bugzilla to attach the patch? What is the
better way to contribute?


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