[Glade-users] Problem on adding custom widget in glade

On Mon, Feb 15, 2010 at 10:41 PM, Muhammad Zillur Rahman Jamali
<zillur.rahman at bjitgroup.com> wrote:
I have
-Created a share library
-Created xml
and put them in

.so into /usr/lib/glade3/modules/
xml into /usr/share/glade3/catalogs/

the widget is showing in interface designer.
But when trying to execute creating a design it does not show anything.

I mainly followed this link:
its working only when it calls from current directory like the example.

Dont follow exactly, it works loading your widget into Glade but not into
your program using GtkBuilder ?

How is your widget type named ? and is the widget code linked into
your executable when running it ?


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