[Glade-users] Glade and GtkBuilder

Is there a way to open, edit, and save just a container widget with glade?

In my program I have one window that I add and remove container widgets
to, in this case vbox's.  In the past I had a number of glade files with
the vbox's in windows.  To convert to GtkBuilder I saved all the
container widgets I needed to separate files as follows:
  gtk-builder-convert --root vbox2 input.glade output1.xml

This permitted me to keep all the functionality contained in a specific
vbox in one file.  However, now these widget's aren't associated with a
top level window until they are added to a window at runtime.  How can
they be open for editing in Glade and saved?

Using the example above.  After creating output1.xml, I can open
container in Glade.  However, without making any changes, I do a "Save
As" output2.xml and the two files have diff's and the file size of
output2.xml is larger.  The diff's are not substantial, some are just
comments, but some are real xml differences.  I'm not sure how this will
affect things in the program or why they are there.  Also it's strange
that I can open an xml file in Glade that is just a container, but I
can't seem to create a file that contains just a container.

Any comments?


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