[Glade-users] so many warnings and so slow running glade?

2010/4/19 ??? <xuxi008 at 163.com>:
i am trying to use glade in ubuntu9.10 and fedora12,but everytime i ran it
from terminal i got a lot of warnings such as "can't find widget *",is it
normal??and the second problem is when i add some widgets to a big table(eg
12rows*32columns),modifying their properties will cost a long time before i
can see the visual changed results,it just performs so slow that i begin to
think that "glade files should be written by vi instead of be drawn by glade
",anyone can guide me? many thanks

You can try running Glade from git master as that has a bunch of
recent fixes that are not in the 3.6 series.

Dont worry about the warnings about missing icons (they are about
missing icons, not missing widgets).

If its not fast enough running Glade from git master, there
can be improvements (as specially where it comes to selection).

You could go ahead and use "vi" to edit the Glade output, but what
I prefer in this case is to use "vi" directly on the Glade sources.


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