[Glade-users] using gtk.builder format

hi everybody.
im trying to get my app work correctly.
i used glade for the gui design, saving in gtk.builder format.
when using glade xml format one could write:

                #Set the Glade file
                self.gladefile = "pyhelloworld.glade"  
                self.wTree = gtk.glade.XML(self.gladefile, 'window_to_get') 

and so one was able to write, ad example, more than one gtk.window per glade file (and use them individually 
into the app)
i think it should exist the same using gtk.builder. how?
my problem is that i defined more than a window into my gtk.builder file and when i enter the gtk main loop 
with gtk.main() all my windows are created. 
i want that only one of these window will be created, and others should be created at need by other functions 
(activated by signals from gui)..
anybody could help me?

thank you, and sorry for my bad english.

Luca Penasa
Student at Geosciences Dpt.
University of Padua (IT)
luca.penasa at email.it

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