[Glade-users] Deprecate

<rant> "to deprecate" means to express disapproval of, to protest 
against. About 50 years ago, in America, it acquired the meaning of "to 
belittle" (probably because people confused it with "depreciate").

Now suddenly, in the Open Source community (I haven't seen it anywhere 
else, but haven't looked), it seems to have acquired yet another meaning 
of "being phased out". I have no idea how it got that meaning, but I 
wish it hadn't. Not because I dislike words getting new meanings (they 
do that all the time), but because we have a perfectly good phrase ("to 
phase out") and really don't need a new one.

Tadej - please understand that this is not an attack on you personally! 
This is just the fifth or sixth time I have seen that silly word 
"deprecate" in the past few days!



Tadej Borov?ak wrote:

libglade is deprecated in favor of GtkBuilder, so you don't need to
import gtk.glade at all. Updated code for your menu item callback
would look something like this:

def on_about_menu_item_activate( self, data=None ):
    builder = gtk.Builder()
    builder.add_from_file( "tutoriel.glade" )
    about = builder.get_object( "aboutdialog" );



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