[Glade-users] Untranslatable action's label?

Hi all, I was working with glade from a while in a large project but
just now I started to put attention to i18n. I notice that items that
inherit its look & feel from action do not get translated at all. As
an example:

<source lang="xml">

  <object class="GtkAction" id="OpenProjectAction">
    <property name="label">Open Project</property>
    <property name="short_label">Open Project</property>
    <property name="tooltip">Open an Existing Project</property>
    <property name="stock_id">open-project</property>
    <signal name="activate" handler="onOpenProject"/>


I'm using Glade-3 3.6.7. Is there any workaround for this?

best regards,
Israel Fdez. Cabrera
iferca at gmail.com
UNYK : 936 LDX
Linux registered user No.: 270292 [http://counter.li.org]

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