[Glade-users] get_widget out of GtkBuilder xml file in C-Code

hello friends of GLADE,
        how do i get a pointer to a widget built with glade, which is
        called by
        the generated GtkBuilder xml file "statusbar1"!?
         builder = gtk_builder_new ();
         gtk_builder_add_from_file (builder, "myproject.glade", NULL);
         i tried several things like this:
        GtkWidget* statusbar;
        statusbar = glade_xml_get_widget(builder, "statusbar1");
        and other things. but nothing worked for me.
        error message i get:
        implicit declaration of function ?glade_xml_get_widget?
        i know this is not the GladeXML type
        builder is GtkBuilder type.
        Is there a way to get the widget from the GtkBuilder xml file,
        to show / hide this widget by the following method or another
        thanks a lot 
        i really was looking for this 2 days now.

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