[Glade-users] Sending events (somewhat OT)

2009/3/14 Steve Blackwell <zephod at cfl.rr.com>:
I have written a program using glade 3 that has 2 threads. The main
thread handles user input from the GUI while the second thread monitors
a USB port for input. When data arrives at the USB port, it is processed
and written to a GtkTreeView widget.

The problem is that the data does not appear in the TreeView until I
move the mouse or press a key. I think that this is because the main
thread controlling the GUI is blocking in gtk_main() until an event
arrives. So I added code to the second thread to send a
GDK_CLIENT_EVENT to the GtkDialog widget that contains the TreeView.

It didn't work.

I can tell that the event was sent and received because
I added a client-event callback to the GtkDialog window and I can see
that this got executed. The callback doesn't do anything but I assumed
(clearly incorrectly) that the arrival of the event would cause
gtk_main() to loop and paint the pending Treeview data.

What am I doing wrong here?

Thanks for any suggestions.
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Obviously the gtk_main expects a return.
You can stop this behaviour using g_main_context_iteration (NULL,FALSE);

See if this works for you.


BalaKrishna Kolluru

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