[Glade-users] Windows binary of the unstable 3.5.x branch

Hello everybody,

Recently we are developing a multiplaform app using the latest glade
to have direct GtkBuilder read/write support, our development platform
is linux but we deploy also for linux. We have no problem to run our
GTK 2.14.x / glade-3 / gtkbuilder apps in windows but we'd like to be
able to run glade also on the windows machine to modify on the fly the
XML to see mostly realtime the changes with the win32 theme.

I've tried to build glade-3 3.5.7 from sources with mingw on my linux
crosscompiler machine without luck, mostly because of the fact
pkg-config don't support crosscompilation very well and I've been
struck in configure stage...

There is a recent 3.5.x binary somewhere or I have to try harder to
compile it from sources (maybe from a windows machine with mingw32),
is the win32 compilation regulary tested or it is only for the stable


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