[Glade-users] Drawingarea and waveform

On Mon, Jun 29, 2009 at 11:47 AM, His Majesty<balakkvj at gmail.com> wrote:
Hello people,
?????????????????? I am trying to put a waveform on the screen of a speech
that is being recorded.
Is the drawingarea an appropriate widget to use? I mean my main concern is
that can it handle real-time speech (say of about 5-7 seconds sampled at
8KHz and 2 bytes per sample)?

I have seen the working example of a clock .... however, I just want to make
sure I am not barking the wrong tree.

It depends on your requirements really, if all you want is a visual effect then
you can do it in drawing area, but probably better off using clutter
for the drawing
than cairo (since you are probably aiming at speed, not nice antialiasing).

On the other hand if you wanted to produce a real synchronized video
and audio playback you are better off using gstreamer.


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