[Glade-users] gobject.TYPE_PYOBJECT in glade / gtkbuilder

On Wed, Jun 24, 2009 at 2:57 PM, Mats
Taraldsvik<mats.taraldsvik at bickeringleague.net> wrote:

Ref. my earlier thread, [Glade-users] gtkbuilder and glade - gobjects /
pygtk objects.

I think that my problem is that in python, the object in
gtk.ListStore( str, object ) is mapped to gobject.TYPE_PYOBJECT, and not

Since I only have GObject available in glade/gtkbuilder, I get the
TypeError message.

Could you please add Python Object to the ListStore types ? Should I
file a bug ?

There is a bug open on this currently:

The problem is that we should allow you to enter unknown types, currently
we only allow types that we have editors for.

Try substituting the "GObject" type names of your liststore columns
with the type name of TYPE_PYOBJECT (i.e. the real string type
name that would be returned by g_type_name() or used in
g_type_register_static(), my guess is that its "PyObject", but who
knows, it could be something funky like "funky___PyObject", verify
this first...)

See if it works with the correct type names (I think it should but lets
test GtkBuilder's capacity of handling it as well).


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