[Glade-users] possible bug


Hello all,


Just wondering if this is a known bug in Glade-3 (3.1.5) - using it on KDE 3.5.5

I can't seem to find any reports on it.


I have created a set of radio buttons. I have set the "draw indicator" property to "no". For some reason this 
does not get saved to the .glade file. 

I had to go in to the .glade file and edit to set the "draw indicator" property to "false" so that my buttons 
would show up correctly.

They look like they are supposed to in glade, but that property does not get written into the .glade xml file.

Also, if I make other changes to my gui in glade-3 the editing gets striped out and I have to re-add the draw 
indicator property setting for all the buttons. I guess the .glade file gets written from scratch every time 
you save?


Is this something I should report? I can't imagine someone has not noticed this before.



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