[Glade-users] Download page version out-of-date

Yeah, I get that alot, sorry I never update the website.

Some people have volunteered to do the website, but I havent
heard back from them, currently I'm planning a website overhaul
(hopefully I can pull it off before gnome 2.26 but somehow I doubt
it...) and then I will point the releases to gnome ftp and still never
update it again with redundant release specific information.


On Thu, Jan 29, 2009 at 10:57 AM, John Coppens <john at jcoppens.com> wrote:
Hello people.

I was wondering why I saw several mentions to newer versions of Glade on
the 'net, when I had just downloaded Glade 3.1 from the download page.
The page seems to be out-of-date, and only the first page mentions the
latest stable version (3.4.5, I hope).

3.1.5 had several problems here, so I'd really suggest updating that page.

Thanks for the good work.
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