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On Sun, Aug 23, 2009 at 2:47 PM, anusha
kadambala<anusha.kadambala at gmail.com> wrote:

How to do auto-completion for combobox like we do in text entry.
For example,if we have a combobox in that we have
apple,america,anusha,boston,ball,chair then if user presses c then chair
should come up.Is it possible to do either in glade or pygtk.I am using

Hmm, not for a combo box, I am hopeful that completions should work
out of the box setup in Glade (i.e. create a GtkEntryCompletion and
attach it to an entry, setup its liststore and text-column etc, probably
will just work, but I havent tested all that).

The thing is with GtkComboBoxEntry is that the child entry
is not exposed as an internal widget or property, so there is
no way to set it up in a Glade file, you can try setting up the
completion and then setting it onto the entry by accessing:
   GTK_ENTRY (GTK_BIN (combo)->child)

If you try this I would be interested to know if and how you got
it to work.



Njoy the share of Freedom :)
Anusha Kadambala

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