[Glade-users] SpinButton not 'spinning'

On Sat, Aug 15, 2009 at 3:15 PM, PEYMAN ASKARI<paskari007 at yahoo.ca> wrote:

I'm still having problems with the Adjustment widget. according to Tristan,
this is a problem because "Glade [does not] serialize the min/max values" in
the correct order.

I find it amazing that lib glade would have such a serious problem. Is there
any way to fix this? Perhaps I should use some other approach other than

   the problem is in Glade not in libglade - or lets just say it would be
more convenient to fix this in Glade than in GTK+ or libglade IMO.

The fix would be to override the adjustment adaptor's ->write()
method and order the min/max/value properties manually at
serialization time.


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