[Glade-users] PixBuf

Unfortunately not really.

string properties on widgets in GtkBuilder that reffer to a pixbuf
use a special case to load a pixbuf from the string as a filename,
so if you were to manage to include GdkPixbuf objects, you couldnt
very well use them to share across multiple widgets.
(and GdkPixbuf being outside GTK+ doesnt implement GtkBuildable
and has no custom constructs to load from a builder file, which it might need).

On the other hand you might consider using GtkIconFactory if all you need is
to share an icon among multiple widgets...


On Mon, Aug 10, 2009 at 2:44 PM, <smu at z107.de> wrote:

is it possible to use gtk.gdk.Pixbuf objects with glade?
Can't find this class in the palette?


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