[Glade-users] Determining GDK Event Mask

How do I determine what events are required for the signals I want? I 
don't see anything in the GTK documentation mapping signals to events or 
in Glade-3 (3.4.5). Is it possible for a future version of glade to 
modify the mask for you automatically based on the signals selected? Is 
it really necessary to require that all glade users know the 
event-to-signal mappings in order to use Glade? Perhaps the information 
is simply not stored in any format currently to make this possible.

Specifically, I'm trying to use a GtkComboBoxEntry and...
1. Add new text entered to the list (using GtkEntry activate signal), 
then select it.
2. Get a callback when ever the combo selection is changed (entry in 
list, or as a result of above). (Using GtkComboBox changed signal)

Is there a way via the Glade interface to set the GtkComboBoxEntry as 
the userdata to the GtkEntry callback? Or can I get it inside the call 
back? Or is there a way to have the activate signal be sent to the 
GtkComboBoxEntry rather than the GtkEntry child?



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