[Glade-users] Glade UI Preferences

On Sun, 2009-04-19 at 10:17 +0100, Simon Langley wrote:
I am trying to use Glade on a netbook with a 1024x600 screen and when  
the palette is integrated into the main display, I cannot resize the  
window to fit on the screen.

For some reason the palette window has a minimum size (when integrated  
or separate) that is larger than strictly necessary.

So, my questions are these.  Is there any way to get around the  
(unnecessary) minimum size restriction?  If not, is there any way of  
turning off the row of buttons on the main display to give a bit more  

To my understanding the cause of the problem is the line

gtk_widget_set_size_request (widget, -1, rows *

in the glade-palette-box.c file. It forces minimum height of the palette
to be the number of rows multiplied by the maximum height of a row,
which would be the height of the expander button plus the height of an
icon. I think it is mistake to multiply the height by the number of
rows, as there could be unreasonably many of them to fit the palette on
any screen at all. Maybe the size requisition should be even omitted
altogether. You can try to fiddle with that line, recompile, and see if
I'm right. In any case, file a bug in bugzilla.gnome.org to get it

The only preferences I could find were for the project not Glade itself.
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