[Glade-users] How to connect tooltips in glade file?

Hi All,

For some time, I have been searching for the solution for this problem, 
and while I have found a work-around, I would like to have something 
more straightforward. The problem is that if I set the tooltips in a 
menuitem in Glade, once I compile the code, the tooltips won't show up, 
when I run the code.
My compiler flags look like this:
CFLAGS = `pkg-config --cflags --libs gtk+-2.0 gmodule-2.0` -export-dynamic,
so I don't use libglade, but the builder file, and I suspect that the 
snag might be that gtk-builder-convert converts the menuitens to 
gtkactions, but I don't exactly know why it messes up the tooltips. Any 
comments on this?
I am using glade-3.4.5, so I am wondering whether it has been fixed in 
the newer versions, and I should perhaps use them, or if there is 
anything else that I could do to rectify the situation.

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