[Glade-users] help with glade-3 and GNOME/bonobo widgets

    Firstly please file a bug so we can track it.

libgnomeui/bonobo support in glade was added minimalisticly and
with low priority (we had to release a full support so people could still
use glade with old projects that unfortunately still have those
widgets and libs in use). In these past few years I still dont think we had
a bug report for what your describing...

I'd be willing to review a patch for your afore mentioned context menu
action, should be straight forward now we have a framework for it.

Short of fixing glade I can only suggest that you import a gnomeapp
created by glade2 and see how that fairs.


On Sat, Sep 13, 2008 at 7:45 AM, Nave Stefano
<stefano.nave at selexgalileo.com> wrote:
Hi guys,

I'm using Glade-3 (3.4.5 on Debian testing/unstable) to build GNOME
applications in C++ (with Anjuta), and I'm currently facing a couple of
problems concerning (my understanding of) how Glade-3 handles GNOME
widgets/composite widgets and bonobo widgets. Here they are:

(1)the default GNOME App widget does not have a toolbar (it does have one in
Glade-2), but that's not the point. I tried adding a toolbar myself, but
apparently there is no way to add a BonoboDockItem to the existing
BonoboDock (no context menu, no palette icon, no setting in property
dialogs). Glade-2 had a fancy context menu for BonoboDock that allowed you
to "add dock band on top" which worked just fine. I reckon I am missing
something here. I managed to work around this by copying the existing
BonoboDockItem (containing the MenuBar) and pasting it to the BonoboDock
container, deleting the MenuBar and replacing it with a ToolBar, but this
cannot be the way to do it.

(2)after the copy/paste/replace workaround above, the toolbar widget expands
over all the available space and I can't correct this through the
expand/fill properties because they have no effect, plus I cannot paste more
BonoboDockItems into the BonoboDock because Glade-3 says "insufficient
amount of placeholders in target container". I suppose this message is
somewhat related to the fill/expand behavior, so I must have done something
wrong in the first place. I can work around this using a VBox, but, again,
this cannot be the way to do it (at least I was able to add as many
BonoboDockItems I fancied by using the "add dock band" feature in Glade-2).

As I am using Anjuta 2.4, which has Glade-3 integration I would really like
to be able to move on from Glade-2 to Glade-3 (which I can't do because of
this at the moment).

Any help would be much appreciated, thanks

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