[Glade-users] Feature request and patch

Hello. I'm often using glade and there's a feature I would like to be
added. It's a very easy one,
so I took the time to write (in C++ and gtkmm) a mini-patch. It's
quick and dirty code, so if you want
me to improve it to integrate it, just tell me.
I've written a little program that shows a live preview of the glade
file requested. It can be updated to
support GtkBuilder too, but for now I tried with glade support. What
I'd like to see is a menu where you can
click preview, and that would invoke my program "showgladefile
filename.glade [topwidget]", which shows the widget
and you can see how it feels in a real program.
For now the top widget must be a GtkWindow.
The code is attached.
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