[Glade-users] UI issue


I have three issues to report with the user interface to glade-3:

1. I was using a vbox with 10 items for a complex layout. I discovered
that I needed one more item in the vbox, but I needed it at the "top"
of the vbox, not the bottom. There was no way to get the new entry in
the vbox to show up at the top, or anywhere else, really. It insisted
upon showing up at the bottom.

2. Suppose I have a vbox with ten entries in it. I go to the tree view,
select all ten items in the vbox, cut them, the paste them back into the
vbox. The widgets are now all in reverse order instead of the order I cut
them. If I do it again, the order reverses back to the original ordering.

3. If I fill 3 contiguous regions out of 5 entries in a vbox with stuff.
I can't cut out the three things and place them back into the vbox at a
different start location.

Thank you.


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