[Glade-users] On_motion_notify_event


So I tried to switch from PyGTK to Cairo, but I had to install
python-devel first. So I tried to install python-devel but I completely
destroyed the python interpretter instead.

So I reinstalled linux (the sum of the time spent installing the parts
takes longer than installing the whole), but now the
on_motion_notify_event is acting strangely. Namely, it acts like a button
click event.

When I enter the screen it gets called once and only once. Has anyone come
across anything like this before?


Yes, though not under the circumstances you described.  Check
GDK_POINTER_MOTION_HINT_MASK.  When it is set, the server will send only a
single MOTION_NOTIFY event.  Glade sets it by default.
Jeffrey Barish

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