[Glade-users] Drawing Area

On Tue, 2008-10-14 at 11:32 -0400, PEYMAN ASKARI wrote:
I'm using the drawing area for a simulation but I've noticed it
doesn't provide too many tools. My issue is with zoom. So If I draw a
square, and I want to zoom, it's easy, I just make it's size bigger.
So if I want to zoom 2x, then I increase the length by a factor of
two, and the width by a factor of 2. But if I have two squares, then
it's a nightmare, because one square might grow and collide with the
other square. 

Even something as simple as moving the 'canvas' around requires
manipulating all the <x,y> coordinates of all the shapes you have

Am I doing something wrong? I remember OpenGL had really simple tools
for dealing with rotations and translations. Is there a GtkGL class =P

If you need complex graphics you better off with cairo.
There are bunch of examples.

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