[Glade-users] Signal question.

That's strange, I just set the visibility to 'No', and it works (last time, the program crashed), but it 
doesn't fix the problem. The window is still stubornly overlapping the main window.

BalaKrishna Kolluru <balakkvj at dcs.shef.ac.uk> wrote: 

2008/10/14 Alexey Kurochkin <alexey.kurochkin at pathfinderlwd.com>
 On Tue, 2008-10-14 at 09:55 -0400, PEYMAN ASKARI wrote:
Well all I'm doing is calling a widget.hide() then a widget.show(),
but to be honest with you, I don't know what gladex uses when it calls
the widget (I run my glade xml files on python with gladex).

I just want to clarify that I can use the main window, and I can
interact with it, it's just that the other window will always sit on
top of the main window, and I have to physically drag it to the side.
Then unfortunately you can't do much about it as it is very likely
 window manager dependent. You can cross your fingers and fiddle with
 "Type hint" property or some other magic, smoke and mirrors, but your wm
 may or may not honor it, since it is what it is called - only a hint.
 And even if you seduce your wm, on some other system your program may
 behave differently. I'm not aware of any trivial way to fight this
 problem. Sorry. But why just do not close the dialog if it gets in the


Is this WM behaviour Glade-3 specific? I have used Glade 2 and switching the Visibility to "no" clearly stops 
the behaviour in question.
 I did not realize that "Type hint" is such an important attribute.

BalaKrishna Kolluru

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