[Glade-users] Signal question.

Well all I'm doing is calling a widget.hide() then a widget.show(), but to be honest with you, I don't know 
what gladex uses when it calls the widget (I run my glade xml files on python with gladex).

I just want to clarify that I can use the main window, and I can interact with it, it's just that the other 
window will always sit on top of the main window, and I have to physically drag it to the side.

Let me write the properties of the widget, maybe that will help:

Class: GtkWindow
Name: output_window
Window type: Top Level
Window Role: <blank>
Startup ID : <blank>
Resizable: Yes
Modal: No
Window Position: Center
Default Width: 647
Default Height: 439
Destroy With Parent: Yes
Icon: <blank>
Icon name : gtk connect
Type hint: Utility
Skip Taskbar: No
Skip pager: no
Urgent: No
Accept Focus: Yes
Focus on Map: Yes
Decorated: Yes
Deletable: No (I changed this on purpose)
Transient for Window: <blank>
Opacity for Window: 1.00
Alexey Kurochkin <alexey.kurochkin at pathfinderlwd.com> wrote: On Tue, 2008-10-14 at 08:57 -0400, PEYMAN 
ASKARI wrote:

Yes I had made it with glade, but the modal setting was 'No', I'll try
switching it to 'Yes', however, I doubt that will help

Well, my second guess would be that you are displaying it with
gtk_dialog_run() instead of gtk_widget_show().

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