[Glade-users] Placing a glade file/libglade check with autotools

Hi guys,

I'm working on my first major glade-project, and now I just started to
GNU-ify the project by putting it under the ?daemon Autotools control.
Finaly I managed to get everything working and I'm quite happy with my
self :-) However I have two questions that I did not manage to work out:
First, where should I place the .glade-file when I install the program,
I suppose there is a standard place. Also, now I have the file just
called gui.glade which is obviously a bad choice, so is there any naming
convention? How is it further usually done to handle the fact the I want
to be able to run the binary already when not installed, so should my
binary then look for the glade-file in different places (one if it is
installed, one if it is still in its package directory).

Next I wonder if there is anyone who can tip me on nice tests for
libglade et al. needed for compilation? I suppose there are no standard
macros in autoconf, but surely lot's of people has written these tests
before me.

Robert Rehammar

Robert Rehammar
Kroksl?ttsg. 2
SE-431 67 M?lndal

t. 031-402294
m. 0738-328834
w. rehammar.se/robert

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