[Glade-users] Trouble loading glade files in Windows XP

Sorry this is something of a UI bug, at the moment the only way to get your
toplevels to show up in the workspace is by double-clicking the item in
the project view

On Tue, Mar 4, 2008 at 6:05 PM, Eric Squires <ehs4 at geneseo.edu> wrote:

Hello all,

I recently started developing a GUI with Glade-3.4.1 on Windows XP.  The
program works fine, I can manipulate and place any object I want and it
saves all the projects to files properly.

However, when I load any saved projects, the objects appear in the list
to the right, but they aren't displayed visually.  I can copy and paste
the objects and they appear in the display area, but as you can imagine,
this is quite inconvenient.  Anybody know how I can remedy this?  Thanks
in advance for the help.

- Eric -
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