[Glade-users] ToggleButtons

On Wed, Jun 4, 2008 at 10:02 AM,  <robert at rehammar.se> wrote:
Hi Glade-users,

I want to have a set of togglebuttons that works like "tool selectors",
e.g. like in GIMP, where selecting one tool, unselects the next, and when
one tool is selected it should not untoggle if clicked again. Is there a
widget to do this, or do I have to implement this functionality my self?

It seems to me not a good idea to change the toggle state of a button from
the toggle signal of the button itself...

Use radio buttons, just set all the "group" property of every other radio
button to the first radio button.

You will still have to handle the "toggled" signal of every radio
button individually,
thats just how it works.


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