[Glade-users] About dialog image: 'gtk-missing'


This is my first message to a maillist ever, so please be kind if I'm
doing something wrong.

I've created an about dialog with glade 3.4.5 and pointed it to my logo
image. Glade displays it fine, but when I run the app it will only show
a gtk-missing image! Even if I set an absolute path to the image it will
not display it.

It's a png image and the about dialog is called in python with:

    def aboutDialog(self, item):
        #load the dialog from the glade file
        wTree = gtk.glade.XML(self.gladefile, "aboutDialog")
        #Get the actual dialog widget
        dlg = wTree.get_widget("aboutDialog")

        #run the dialog and store the response
        result = dlg.run()

Here are the files which are stored on the HD:

python file: /home/mart/program/main.py
glade file: /home/mart/program/main.glade
image file: /home/mart/program/logo.png

and I run my program when the terminal is "cd" to /home/mart/program. I
see no reason why it shouldn't display my logo?


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