[Glade-users] GtkAssistant troubles

I'll disclose I'm very, very new to graphical application development in
general (I'm a web guy), not just with Glade, so if my terminology is a
off, please forgive me.

I'm attempting to build a small application using Glade. Specifically,
this application is an installer which will be used *once* in the
installed product's lifetime, but without it, the product is useless.

I've decided to use GtkAssistant as the primary window for the
application. However, I'm having some troubles convincing the Next
button to work. I have multiple children of the GtkAssistant, each with
its own Position id (there are two at the moment). However, the
GtkAssistant's Size field says 0. When I've increased that number
manually, it does not change the behavior of the application (still
can't click next). Most often, however, when I click on the arrows to
increment or decrement it, the number simply does not change!

Right now, my goal is to get that Next button showing me the next page
in the GtkAssistant.

Any advice on what to look for in Glade?

I'm using Glade 3.4.5 on Ubuntu Hardy. I did notice that there is 3.5.2
release tagged in the project SVN (there's not an announcement on the
front page about it). I'd rather not install from source--I'd rather
stick to deb packages. Should I upgrade to 3.5.2? Will the answer to my
primary question be more apparent in it?


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