[Glade-users] Can't enable treeview DND in Glade

Jeffrey Barish wrote:

When I specify a treeview in my GUI using Glade (3.2.2), I cannot enable
drag and drop (using enable_model_drag_source).  When I specify the same
treeview manually, enable_model_drag_source works fine.  Is there a
parameter I am failing to set in Glade, or is this a bug?

It's Pointer Motion Hint, which gets set by default.  It should not be set
if you want to be able to drag rows within the treeview.

This is the second time I've been nailed by this default.  (It also messes
up multiple selection.)  I am starting not to like it.  Isn't it a sort of
performance optimization?  I am wondering whether setting it by default
represents a premature optimization.
Jeffrey Barish

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