[Glade-users] gtklinkbutton not work

On Mon, 2007-09-10 at 14:37 +0200, fred238 at free.fr wrote:

The gtklinkbutton seem to not work, at run time i got the message "(test:23950): libglade-WARNING **: 
unknown widget class 'GtkLinkButton'"

And insteaf of displaying the gtklinkbutton i got a label "[a GtkLinkButton]"

glade 3.2.0
libglade 2.6.0

Hi, current released libglade doesnt have support for a few of the
newer gtk+ widgets - I dont know the status or interest in a future
libglade release (as GtkBuilder will gradually be taking over).

For now I would suggest simply calling glade_register_widget()
for any types unknown to libglade (you can find examples
in libglade/glade/glade-gtk.c, its very simple).


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