[Glade-users] Drag & drop

I am a total newbie to Glade.  I have read the documentation,  
searched the mail archives, and googled as much as I can.  But I have  
a really dumb question that I can't find an answer to.

How does the drag & drop work to build the GUI??

I open up Glade 3, and I click the Window Toplevel.  It puts a window  
in my drawing area.  So far, so good.

But now say I want to put a button inside a container on my window.   
If I click Frame and then click the window toplevel, the frame fills  
the window and I can't see how to resize it.  Now if I try to put a  
button in the frame, I get a button which fills the entire window and  
I can't resize it.

What's going on?  Is there some bug?

I'm running Glade 3.2.0 on Ubuntu 7.4 on an AMD64 laptop.

I found some reference to the "shift approach" to drag/drop, and I've  
tried using the shift, control, and alt keys to no avail.  I did  
notice that the Alt key gave me a hand pointer as if I could drag  
widgets, but since the widgets fill the whole window there's no where  
to drag them!

Any hints will be very much appreciated!!


John Wohn
Skype: John Wohn

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