[Glade-users] Several alternate views in the main window

I'm drawing a blank on using glade to do the following.  I'd like an application to be able to present one of 
several different views in the main window; which view depends on what sort of object the user is looking at 
presently.  For example, if you had a database of products and customers, you might have a view which is a 
list of products, another view detailing one product, another view listing the customers who bought that 
product, and so forth.  Perhaps I've been unduely influenced by web applications, which do this view swapping 
quite effortlessly.  I think gtk would have no problem with this -- you'd need several different widget 
trees, and I'm thinking the application would parent the appropriate one to the main window when it's needed. 
 But I can't figure out how to get glade to let me design several alternate widget trees.  Any hints?

Dave Cottingham

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