[Glade-users] catalog

i'm trying to write the glade catalog for my widget

i wrote the catalog; i created the icons (16x16 and 22x22); i installed
catalog and icons (and of course my widget)

but when i run glade i receive these errors

** (glade-3:15319): WARNING **: We could not find the symbol

** (glade-3:15319): WARNING **: Could not get the type from

** (glade-3:15319): WARNING **: Failed to load the GType for

** (glade-3:15319): WARNING **: Tried to include undefined widget class
'GtkMaskedEntry' in a widget group

what am i wrong?

you can find the widget's tarball at

also, in documentation (http://glade.gnome.org/docs/catalogintro.html) i
found that "In theory, the catalog file should be enough, but many
widgets also need supporting code to be usable in Glade, which is where
the plugin library comes in."; but after some lines i found "When
defining the catalog, the 'name' and 'library' are both manditory
properties of the 'glade-catalog' tag"

so: i need the library always or not?

however i didn't find documentation how to write this library

thanks in advance for the help
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