[Glade-users] Snap to grid and combobox problems

On Wed, 2007-05-30 at 15:43 +0200, Mario Fischer wrote:

I've been using glade 2 for some time and at the moment I'm playing with 
glade 3. There are at least two problems I cannot solve:

1) I'm creating a new window with a "Fixed"-surface. How can I tell 
glade to arrange the widgets according to the grid like glade 2 does?

Hi, the DnD is not restricted to any granularity like it is in glade 2,
if you didnt manage to find DnD support, currently its only working
with the SHIFT modifier (you'll get mouse feedback) and works with
GtkTable,GtkBox,GtkLayout & GtkFixed (we'll be making that feature
more obvious for 3.4 by adding a toggle button for selection mode).

If the granularity of DnD is an issue for you, please file a bug
under the glade3 product in bugzilla.gnome.org.

(note you can always use x & y packing properties directly for
exact precision placements).

2) I have problems when trying to drag or even touch combobox widgets. 
They expand their menus (even if they are empty) after clicking on them 
and I cannot move or resize them by using the control-button.

Yes thats a known bug, currently you cant select comboboxes in the
workspace - you can workaround this by selecting it in the inspector for
now (I'm not sure how glade 2 works around the combobox's intrusive 
popup window but we apperently should be able to do the same).


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